New Website Launch – Cleveland Manufacturing Company

Dynamics Online is pleased to announce the launch of our latest site, Assembly Specialty Products!

Assembly Specialty Products, a manufacturer and distributor of custom-fabricated swage fittings and wire rope assemblies, approached Dynamics in spring 2013 for assistance with their content marketing. We assisted them with an online marketing campaign revolving around social […]

New Site Launch – Cleveland Welding Company

Dynamics Online is pleased to announce the launch of one of our latest WordPress websites, Alum Metal Fab!

In the world of swim platforms, no two boats are alike. Alum Metal Fab, a manufacturer of high-end custom aluminum swim platforms, wanted the focus of their new website to reflect the diversity […]

Now We Can’t Get Healthcare Without a Website?

By now you have certainly heard how a balky website ( is keeping uninsured Americans from their health insurance coverage. It’s interesting how, in a few short years, we have come to expect that a website visit is the only way to learn about a product or service and […]

Web Design Trends: Skeuomorphism is Out, Flat is In

Skeuomorphism in web design is the emulation of objects in the physical world within a graphic user interface. The argument for this style of interface design, which has been a popular trend for several years, is that if the look of real world devices or objects are represented realistically in […]

When to Use a Database in Website Development

The website development landscape has changed a bit since I last tackled this issue. Many websites are now built on content management systems like WordPress that do technically store all page content in a database. This differs from a traditionally “static” website where the page content resides in individual […]

New Site Launch – Pilat Insurance Agency

Dynamics Online is pleased to announce the launch of one of our latest websites,!

Pilat Insurance wanted to focus on ease-of-use for the end-user and have easily accessible online forms. So we created a design that reflected those priorities, with buttons like “Request a Quote” and “Report a Claim” […]

New Responsive Website Launch – MicroMD

Dynamics Online is pleased to announce the launch of one of our latest responsive websites, MicroMD! features a dynamic, responsive design that automatically adjusts itself to fit the width of your browser. Whether you’re on your iPhone, Android, desktop computer or tablet, the site will adjust to fit your […]

Webmastering 101: How to Handle URL Changes When Launching a New Site

This article is part of a series of important and often overlooked issues related to building and managing websites.

Considering most companies already have websites, many of our website design projects are redesigns of existing sites. One important trend in website design is the use of URLs (web page addresses) […]

What is Responsive Design? – Part One

In a nutshell, responsive design uses a single URL to display content in a viewing format that is automatically optimized to look best on the viewer’s device: laptops, tablets, mobile phones or future devices yet to be created (in layman terms: no matter the size of your viewing window, […]

How Content Management Systems Change the Nature of Website Development

The use of content management systems (CMS’s) to control web pages is yesterday’s news, but it is interesting to reflect on how the advent of CMS’s has changed the day-to-day business of web publishing.

You may know a CMS as the programming framework that houses your website’s central design, serves […]