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Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is the procedure by which advertisements are shown to users using intricate targeting, primarily through placing bids on specific keywords and/or key phrases. This is also commonly referred to as Pay-Per-Click advertising. While we primarily work with Google AdWords, an increasing number of clients choose to also advertise on the Bing/Yahoo network, as it commands 30% of the search market.

Types of search engine advertising include:

  • Search Engine Ads – text-based ads that appear at the top and down the sides of the search engine results page. A terrific way to drive traffic to your site from individuals looking for your specific offerings.
  • Display Network Ads – graphic- or text-based ads that appear on specified categories of websites across Google’s Display Network. This is ideal for appealing to potential new customers that are already interested in the category your product exists.
  • Remarketing Ads – graphic banner ads that appear on websites visited by users who have first visited your website. Great for branding and converting people already interested in your product or services.
  • Video Ads – video ads can be implemented on YouTube, Facebook, and their affiliated networks. They are great for generating brand awareness and social authority at a low cost.

At Dynamics Online, our work is guided by your business objectives. We can work alongside existing marketing teams to implement your current message and customer targets, or we can start from scratch and identify the best strategy for your SEA campaign. Whatever the course, we follow the same procedure with each client:

  • Research and identification of targeted keywords and phrases – you’re the expert on your business – we’ll interview you to recognize what search terms potential customers may use to find your product.
  • Account creation and setup – taking the information from our interview, we will construct an optimal advertising campaign including keyword lists, ad formation, geographic targeting, budgeting, and more.
  • Budgeting – using a cost-per-click model, we research the estimated cost for your desired keywords and discuss the right monthly budget for your advertising goals. We ensure that you will only be charged when someone clicks and will never exceed your monthly budget allotment.
  • Creative development and campaign launch – after a final review of our plan, you will give the go ahead to launch on the desired search engines.
  • Conversion tracking and analysis – our sophisticated system can measure lead generation, product purchases, and whitepaper downloads and track them back to search engine ads.
  • Regular campaign maintenance and optimization – our strategists will regularly keep an eye on your campaign to keep bidding costs competitive, pause keyword or ads that aren’t performing, as well as adding new pieces for maximum effectiveness.
  • Monthly reporting of clicks and costs – we believe in an educational approach to reporting. At the beginning of each month, you will receive a detailed PDF report of the previous month’s campaign activity, with clicks, impressions, costs, conversions, and more down to the individual keyword level.

Dynamics Online is a proud member of the Google Partners community with AdWords Certified Partner status. With over 15 years experience creating and successfully executing Search Engine Advertising campaigns, you can rely on us as an integral piece of your overall marketing plan.


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