Lessons from the Pandemic: Converting an Agency from Office to Virtual

We are professional web developers, but we faced many challenges when converting our agency from office to virtual in March 2020. Are you grappling with an LAN, ODBC and PHP coding? Our solutions included AppSheet, My SQL and ExpanDrive, all explained below. We thought sharing some discoveries could help others […]

CCPA – Important Points About the California Consumer Protection Act

The California Consumer Protection Act of 2018 (CCPA) officially goes into effect on January 1, 2020.  It is the latest major mandate in what has become an ongoing passage of laws that will protect consumer data.  These laws are needed in order to protect consumers as they browse and […]

How to Market Your Healthcare Organization Online – Free Event!

 Dynamics Online & Google Present
Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

Dynamics Online will co-host a free event with Google Wednesday, October 18, 2017, to help
members of the healthcare industry better understand and utilize digital advertising.
This event consists of a livestream broadcast
presented by two of Google’s premier thought leaders,
Brendan Jacobson and […]

Dynamics Online Invites You to Attend an Exclusive Google Partners Event!

B2B Digital Marketing with Dynamics Online & Google


Dynamics Online will co-host a free event with Google to help business leaders
better understand and utilize digital advertising.
This event consists of a livestream broadcast
presented by two of Google’s premier thought leaders.
All registrants will have the opportunity to consult with the Dynamics Online […]

Bruce Newburger Featured in the Grow Your Business Cleveland Video Series

Dynamics Online president, Bruce Newburger was recently featured in the Grow Your Business Cleveland video series, where he discussed the importance of mobile website optimization, his secret for building a strong team, and the story of how Dynamics Online was founded back in 1997.

The video is part of an […]

Facebook Introduces Graph Search

For the past week Facebook has been stealing a page out of Apple’s playbook: creating tons of hype over a new roll-out. And everybody who’s anybody in social media  – and people like me who aren’t – has been hypothesizing about Facebook’s big announcement. All signs seemed to point toward […]

The OSU Marching Band Magnificent Marketing Analogy

I hope by now you’ve seen the Ohio State University half-time show from last Saturday’s game against Nebraska. A brilliant move on the band director’s part, the marching band played the tunes of our favorite video games, including Mario, Tetris and Pac-Man, and coupled them with amazing formations where […]

HIRING – Internet Marketing Strategist

Dynamics Online is looking for the perfect person to join our team as an internet marketing strategist.

This full-time position will involve implementing promotional campaigns for our client projects. Those can include search engine advertising and e-mail marketing. This position will also prepare reports and analyses based on website and […]

SEO Tip of the Day – Meta Keywords

What are meta keywords? Meta keywords are words inserted into the head of a webpage that were used at one time to help search engines determine what the page was about. They look like this, <meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword, keyword, keyword etc”>. As other elements of SEO progressed, these tags […]

SEO Tip of the Day – Page Titles

How do I squeeze the most SEO out of my page titles? The short answer is to make them concise, user friendly and keyword rich. The most common question is, “How long can my page titles be?” Page titles should be no more than 72 characters long including spaces. Now […]