Flash is Dead

In August of this year, Adobe officially disabled new installs of Flash on Android devices, completing a shut-down process they announced back in November of 2011. By doing so, Adobe has effectively cut off Flash functionality on mobile devices.
The Future of Web Browsing

This shouldn’t come as any surprise, as Apple never […]

New Website Design for Moskey Dental Laboratories

Dynamics Online is proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website for the Moskey Dental Laboratories. We worked with them to design a clean, modern looking site that includes Flash animation and a top navigation that is compatible with iPhone, Android, & other touch screen […]

2011 Web Design Trends: Designing Websites for Mobile Browsers

iPhone, iPad, Droid, BlackBerry…Mobile web browsing is growing at a rapid pace. Is your website ready to serve the mobile audience, the attention-starved, nimble-thumbed visitors making the best use of a few minutes waiting in line at the post office? If your website serves business executives, college students or young […]

Banner Year for Internet Display Ads

This year we have seen a resurgence of demand for our services to design animated banner ads for our clients to place on other sites that already reach their targeted audience.

“I think what we’re seeing are companies that experimented pre-1999 trying it again,” said Mia Amato, online marketing consultant […]