The Importance of Keeping Your Website Updated

In today’s digital age, a website serves as the virtual face of your business or personal brand. Just like you wouldn’t let the exterior of your physical store or office fall into disrepair, it’s essential to ensure your online presence remains fresh and up-to-date. This article highlights the critical reasons and methods for keeping your […]

Using Seasonal Imagery to Keep Your Website Fresh

From the moment websites first started appearing online, we’ve all understood the importance of keeping the content fresh. A simple method many of our clients use is the rotation of home page photos with seasonal imagery and messages.

Adding a Popup to Your Website

As technology and consumer preferences evolve, popups have become an essential element of web design that can help businesses drive conversions and engage with website visitors. Popup designs should focus on simplicity and minimalism. They typically feature clean, uncluttered designs with minimal text and graphics. The goal is to provide a concise message without overwhelming […]

Moving On From Unneeded Plugins

Have you checked your WordPress plugins lately? I mean, really checked them? Making sure they’re up to date is one thing. Clearing out abandoned or outdated plugins is another. Today, I want you to consider whether some are even worth keeping around.

How to Improve Your Organic Search Rankings

Are you looking for new ways to improve your search engine visibility and rankings? You’re not alone. With more than 4.4 billion active users, SEO is an ever-evolving and complex process for marketers of all levels – from the beginner to the expert user. To help make things easier, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide […]

New Website Launch! System 4

Dynamics Online has launched a new website for System 4—a nationwide Facility Services Management company that supports any interior or exterior facility service needs. The launch included development and implementation of a new and updated site design that streamlines the user experience. Learn more about how we helped our client here: System 4.

New Website Launch! Parker Life

Dynamics Online has launched a new website for Parker Life—a New Jersey-based aging services organization with over 115 years of experience in award-winning elder care. The launch included development and implementation of a brand new WordPress site using content from their previous CMS: Kentico. Learn more about how we helped our client here: Parker Life.

Is it time for a new WordPress theme?

I wrote recently about what you can do when your WordPress plugins have abandoned you, but what can be done  your theme is the issue? On multiple occasions, clients have to come to us for clean-ups or redesigns of WordPress sites based around free themes. Free is a good thing, of course, but those themes […]

Current Web Design Trends: Increased Web Accessibility

As we enter a new year, we will be taking a look at some of the current and projected website design trends in a series of blog posts. Featured today is one of the top website trends in website development—adding web accessibility tools to websites in order to help viewers with disabilities access and use […]

Have your WordPress plugins abandoned you?

One of the services we provide our many WordPress clients is a regularly scheduled upgrade of their site’s plugins. We do this to ensure they’ve got the latest developer releases that could be patching compatibility issues or vulnerabilities. Another important benefit, however, is recognizing when a plugin has stopped receiving updates by its developer or […]