Website Tracking

Having the proper website tracking and conversion metrics in place are vital to the success of an SEO campaign. Continuous traffic and position monitoring as well as other site statistics will help you evaluate your current SEO campaign and allow you to make more educated decisions in the future. Here are some of the main elements we track while optimizing a website:

Conversion Tracking (call to action)

Conversion tracking analyzes the effectiveness of a source directing visitors to a website and persuading them to take a desired action such as a purchase or a contact form submission. It is extremely beneficial to pinpoint where conversions come from so we can maximize your ROI. Conversions can be tracked back to referring sites (mentioned below), keywords and specific marketing campaigns. Dynamics Online will properly set up conversion tracking so you can quickly and easily identify where your best conversions are coming from.

Traffic Reporting

There are many different ways to analyze website traffic. Knowing which report to run and what to look for can be overwhelming. Dynamics Online will review your site analytics, set up reports based specifically on the goals of your site and send you reports regularly that show our progress as well as identify other opportunities.

Reputation Monitoring

Reputation monitoring provides an easy way to stay up to date about online references of your company, brand and your industry. Using alert tools, we set up a series of keywords, phrases and branded terms that send emails or feeds to the client alerting them when those terms are mentioned online. This can be a very powerful tool when there is an abundance of reviews and news centered around your products and services.

Keyword Ranking Reports

Keyword ranking reports provide a snapshot of how your targeted keywords are ranking in search engines. Our tools also allow us to see how keywords have performed over time and what URLs are ranking for a particular keyword.

Search Query Reporting

Unlike other analytics tools that only show site information based on clicks, a search query report shows site performance based on impressions. Seeing what queries or keywords your site shows up for (not necessarily clicked on) is a great way to identify new keyword targeting opportunities.

Referral Source Tracking

Referral source tracking analyzes external sites that are driving visitors back to your site. These referrals can be paid sources from an online campaign or organic sources that have naturally linked back to your site because they felt your content added value for their visitors. Referral tracking is an excellent method of identifying new business and lead opportunities as well as gathering insight into how the internet views your website.

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