Lessons from the Pandemic: Converting an Agency from Office to Virtual

We are professional web developers, but we faced many challenges when converting our agency from office to virtual in March 2020. Are you grappling with an LAN, ODBC and PHP coding? Our solutions included AppSheet, My SQL and ExpanDrive, all explained below. We thought sharing some discoveries could help others […]

The Unique Challenge of Territory Search

No doubt you have used “store locator” features on a website to locate the nearest drugstore or favorite restaurant chain. As a result, there are a number of good plugins to support store locators on WordPress-based websites. One plugin we have used on a few sites is Store Locator […]

Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website in 2016

Yes, It’s Time to Upgrade Your Website
Have you been traveling to a new city and Googled on your iPhone to find a nearby restaurant? Or maybe movie times, concert dates, or good recipes for tonight’s dinner?

You’re not alone. An increasing percentage of website visitors are using a mobile device, […]

The Importance of Drip Campaigns in Your Email Marketing

Lead nurturing has become one of the most powerful tools at the modern marketer’s disposal. Using inbound marketing tactics like social media, content marketing, search engine optimization and email campaigns, we’re able to influence buyer behavior in ways never before thought possible.

The most effective marketing tactic in this inbound marketing […]

Powerful Data Structuring in WordPress Website Design

The design benefits of WordPress are well known: off-the-shelf design templates (themes), blogging, easy page building and content editing that’s as simple as editing your Facebook profile. But a very powerful and mostly unknown data structuring tool lurks just beneath the surface, and unleashing its power can be the […]

Now We Can’t Get Healthcare Without a Website?

By now you have certainly heard how a balky website (healthcare.gov) is keeping uninsured Americans from their health insurance coverage. It’s interesting how, in a few short years, we have come to expect that a website visit is the only way to learn about a product or service and […]

When to Use a Database in Website Development

The website development landscape has changed a bit since I last tackled this issue. Many websites are now built on content management systems like WordPress that do technically store all page content in a database. This differs from a traditionally “static” website where the page content resides in individual […]

Webmastering 101: How to Handle URL Changes When Launching a New Site

This article is part of a series of important and often overlooked issues related to building and managing websites.

Considering most companies already have websites, many of our website design projects are redesigns of existing sites. One important trend in website design is the use of URLs (web page addresses) […]

How Content Management Systems Change the Nature of Website Development

The use of content management systems (CMS’s) to control web pages is yesterday’s news, but it is interesting to reflect on how the advent of CMS’s has changed the day-to-day business of web publishing.

You may know a CMS as the programming framework that houses your website’s central design, serves […]

Meet the Dynamics Online Staff: Bruce Newburger, President

Hi, I’m Bruce Newburger, founder and President of Dynamics Online. I started Dynamics Online way back in 1997, the early days of the “World Wide Web.” As the Internet has evolved, so have we, into a full service Internet design and marketing firm.

In addition to managing the business, I […]