Keyword Analysis

Extensive keyword analysis is the cornerstone of every successful SEO campaign, yet it is often overlooked. Many search engine optimization clients still do not fully understand the benefit and value of good keyword selection. Will the keyword bring a potential sale or will it bring another tire kicker? Will it target a qualified buyer or a window shopper? Yes, more traffic is great, but a sale or conversion is better.

Our keyword research uncovers the keywords and phrases your site is currently optimized for, evaluate their importance and ultimately determine if we should continue optimizing your site for those keywords. This step helps to minimize any major decreases in traffic or leads by not disrupting the SEO that is already on your site.

We will also develop an additional list of targeted keyphrases and analyze it to ensure proper relevance, search volume, competitiveness and to see if it has an attainable rank. We provide a current state of searchability report for your site as well as a road map for where your site should go.

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