Small but Mighty – Using Micro Campaigns in Google Ads

“PPC? How much is that going to cost me?” This is a common question I get whenever I start the discussion about paid online advertising. PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is one of the tools a digital marketer uses to help companies build their brand, increase awareness, drive website traffic, produce leads, and boost sales. Some companies […]

Google Expanded Text Ad Updates 2018

More Visibility in the Search Results In 2016, we reported on the launch of Google’s new Expanded Text Ads. In August, 2018, Google released new updates for search text ads. Expanded Text Ad Updates in 2018 Since late 2016, Google search advertisers were allotted 2 ad headlines and 1 ad description. Both of these elements […]

How to Grab Attention With Video Ads in 2017

How to Succeed When Advertising Video on Mobile Today, reaching audiences and potential customers with video advertising is easy. However, capturing their attention is a challenge. Unfortunately, reach without attention is wasted potential. According to a study conducted by Microsoft, average attention spans dropped from 12 seconds in 2000, to 8 seconds in 2013. Microsoft […]

Google AdWords Label Update: When Less Green Is More Green

Google Updates Green Ad Labels…Again Several months ago, I covered Google’s implementation of green ad labels within the paid search results. At the time, Google was replacing yellow labels with solid green ones. The internet speculated that the was move rooted in color psychology. The yellow ad label was more likely to make people wary, […]

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ad Character Limits & Tips

On July 26, 2016, Google launched new expanded text ads (ETA). The new expanded text ads are designed to capitalize on the change in search preference from desktop to mobile devices. The new ad format allows advertisers more control over their ads. They also provide the user with more info so they can make educated […]

Google AdWords Labels Go Green

AdWords Labels Are Officially Turning Green After months of testing, Google has finally decided to officially roll out green AdWords labels. Prior to this, they were a bright yellow color. The green labels clearly blend more naturally with the search results. One would think the green color increases ad blindness – which might be exactly […]

What’s the Quality, Kenneth?

In speaking with our clients, I often hear the following: “I just Googled one of our keywords and none of our ads showed up! What is my budget going towards, anyway?” This is a perfectly reasonable question. If you’re dedicating a decent budget to Search Engine Advertising (SEA) on Google, shouldn’t your ads always show up? While […]

Online Advertising – CPC for You and Me

Cost-per-click bidding is the core of online advertising. It offers a way to set defined budgets for your ad spend and measure customer engagement in ways previously unimaginable. Leveling the Playing Field The easiest way to understand cost-per-click (CPC) bidding is to picture an auction that happens in a microsecond. On a Google search results page, […]

Understanding Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – Part Three

Welcome to the exciting conclusion to The Great PPC Trilogy, as it is destined to be called. To avoid spoilers, I’ll recap: Part 1 dealt with the definition of PPC Campaigns and why they’re a good idea. Part 2 dealt with how Google AdWords works and the basic structure of a campaign. In this final […]

Understanding Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – Part Two

Hello and welcome back! If you’re not a returning reader and I’ve already alienated you by saying “welcome back,” fear not – I shall explain. As the above title indicates, this is Part 2 of a 3-part series on Understanding PPC Campaigns. I highly recommend you check out Part One before continuing here. Don’t worry, when you’re […]