Coronavirus Notification Options for Websites

As pandemic safety concerns have become a top priority for many of our clients and their customers, we have responded to these needs by implementing Coronavirus/COVID-19 information notifications on several client websites. We’ve implemented these alerts in several ways.
Notification Bar

Microshield 360 cleans and sanitizes schools, gyms, and offices. They […]

Web Design Trends: Skeuomorphism is Out, Flat is In

Skeuomorphism in web design is the emulation of objects in the physical world within a graphic user interface. The argument for this style of interface design, which has been a popular trend for several years, is that if the look of real world devices or objects are represented realistically in […]

What is Responsive Design? – Part One

In a nutshell, responsive design uses a single URL to display content in a viewing format that is automatically optimized to look best on the viewer’s device: laptops, tablets, mobile phones or future devices yet to be created (in layman terms: no matter the size of your viewing window, […]

Meet the Dynamics Online Staff: Dave Cintron, Art Director

Hi, I’m Dave Cintron, Art Director here at Dynamics Online. I am the one you work with to develop an attractive, easy to navigate website. I can create a clean design from scratch, make changes to an existing site, and work with you to design a website that clearly […]

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Cross-platform Security Tip

A quick security notice following an Adobe security announcement last week –
It doesn’t matter if you run Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris or even Android operating system, if Adobe goes public about a security vulnerability in its Flash product, we highly recommended that you install the patch to protect against the problem.

Learn […]

Web Design Predictions for 2011

“As is most often the case with the Internet, many of the trends and products people are talking about today weren’t part of our collective lexicon two and three years ago. And some, weren’t even discussed as recent as the first quarter of 2010!

As we head into the New […]

Web Design Trends in 2010

Web design has undergone a continuous and surprisingly fast evolution. No longer just a playground for enthusiasts, it has become a mature rich medium with strong aesthetic and functional appeal. But what trends are currently making a difference? What new techniques, concepts and ideas are becoming important? Here are […]

Banner Year for Internet Display Ads

This year we have seen a resurgence of demand for our services to design animated banner ads for our clients to place on other sites that already reach their targeted audience.

“I think what we’re seeing are companies that experimented pre-1999 trying it again,” said Mia Amato, online marketing consultant […]