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Social media revolves around a concept that has been around since the dawn of man: communication. It’s a conversation, and the quality of a conversation is dependent on three things: presence, value and consistency.

  • If you’re not present, you can’t effectively participate, nor can you hear what else people are talking about.
  • If you don’t add value, nobody will listen to you.
  • If you’re not consistent, people will discard you as impulsive and a flake.

The first part’s the easiest, the third part’s the hardest, and the second part is the most important. Here at Dynamics Online, we help you do all three with much pomp and vigor.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine – which platforms are appropriate for your industry, and where is your audience hanging out? We’ll help you determine those answers and get you in front of your target audiences. Cover photos, about sections, profiles, handles – we’ll handle the set-up and either pass the reins to you or handle the posting ourselves.

Add Value to Your Audience’s Lives

WIFM? What’s in it for me? That’s what everyone wants to know, and that’s what we can help you answer. We can help you determine a social media strategy to garner more social media followers and acquire your very own brand advocates (people who tout your brand online – because they want to).

Keep On Keepin’ On

Consistency is the final piece of the equation. Blogging once every two months won’t cut it, and taking 2-3 week breaks from your social platforms is a good way to stifle any momentum you’d been gaining from the first two parts of this equation. Regular content will build trust with your audience, kind of like saying, “Hey buddy, I’m gonna be there no matter what.” And then being there.

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