Three Things about Google that Only the Pros Know

Imagine it’s 1990, and you need to find information on some important topic.  Someone might say to you, “You should look that up.”  Fast forward about 15 years and that phrase has been replaced with, “Google it!”

Google is an integral part of our lives in 2017, and because of […]

Sample Content Marketing Timeline for Small Business – Month Three

This is the third part of our content marketing timeline series for small businesses. If you haven’t read the other two parts yet, here’s month one and here’s month two.

By this point in your content marketing strategy (month three), you’re starting to get the hang of things: Your blog […]

Sample Content Marketing Timeline for Small Business – Month Two

If you read last month’s article, we laid out the first month’s worth of activities to jumpstart a content marketing campaign – this is especially handy if you’re a small business owner with little time to spend outside of your normal work activities. We’ve done much of the up-front […]

Sample Content Marketing Timeline for Small Business – Month One

If you’re a small business or non-profit organization, chances are you’re working with a limited budget. In addition, you have little time to dedicate to activities outside your normal realm of operations, which likely doesn’t include content marketing – even though you wish it could.

If this sounds like your […]

The “Decline” of Content Marketing

Content marketing has been my M.O. since I was 19, before I knew it was called content marketing. I’d become disillusioned with college after my freshman year when I realized what a hoax a college education has become, and started a personal blog to launch vengeful tirades against the […]

5 Tips to Help Launch Your Content Marketing Strategy

Launching a new content marketing strategy can be a pretty overwhelming process for the uninitiated. You’ll get so far into it and realize your blog doesn’t have all the features you’d wanted, you don’t have an editorial calendar, you’re not posting on all your social platforms, you don’t have […]

Link Building – Make Your Site Link Worthy

How can you make your content link-worthy? Per my previous post, Link Building – Should I Do it?, you need to make sure your content has one, two or (ideally) all of the following attributes:

Well organized
Outside the box

For the sake of structure let’s hammer these out one by one:
Unique […]

Link Building – Should I Do It?

In short, yes. (we’re very direct here at Dynamics)

Links are one of the top – if not the top – ranking factor in Google. Google values inbound links (links coming to your site from an outside website) above all other factors because good links, like help, are hard to […]

Kings and Princes of the Internet

~Dramatis Personae~
SEO as: The First King
Social as: A Would-Be Usurper
Content as: A Lumbering Giant
Kevin Costner as: Kevin Costner

I have written you a play.

This play, full of drama, murder, betrayal and romance, takes place in a strange, far-off land called the Internet. This “Internet” is populated with myriad creatures […]

Writing Content for your Website and the Search Engines

When we’re designing websites at Dynamics Online, the site’s content factors as much into our development strategy as does the site’s appearance. The increased popularity of Flash animation and the advent of CSS (cascading style sheets) have made it easier for designers to create attractive websites, but it’s important […]