Bruce Newburger Video on Leadership Development

Dynamics Online President Bruce Newburger discusses the leadership development that can be derived from chamber of commerce participation.  Transcript: Really to me the biggest benefit of being a member of the chamber is to participate in a committee and to work alongside people and then eventually to have a leadership role in one of […]

Stand Out with Custom Video Thumbnails

Stand Out on YouTube with Custom Video Thumbnails A video thumbnail is a preview sized image that represents a video on YouTube. Did you know that it is possible to customize your YouTube video thumbnails? Google offers businesses the option of selecting one of three still frames from their video after it is uploaded. However, […]

How to Grab Attention With Video Ads in 2017

How to Succeed When Advertising Video on Mobile Today, reaching audiences and potential customers with video advertising is easy. However, capturing their attention is a challenge. Unfortunately, reach without attention is wasted potential. According to a study conducted by Microsoft, average attention spans dropped from 12 seconds in 2000, to 8 seconds in 2013. Microsoft […]

Art Director’s Music Featured in Chrysler Promotion

The music of our Art Director Dave Cintron had his music licensed to fashion designer John Varvatos & Chrysler for an online and trade show promotion. Check out Dave’s music as the soundtrack to the promotional video below:

Dynamics Online Testimonial – Brad Glazer of Aftermarket International

We ran into our good friend Brad Glazer at the Annual Beachwood Chamber of Commerce Business-to-Business Show this week. We work with Brad on email marketing campaigns and website maintenance for his magazine’s website Aftermarket International. Here’s what he had to say about our work. Thanks for the kind words, Brad!

What is Internet?: We’ve come a long way

It is sometimes hard for us to remember what life was like before anyone ever heard of the Internet. It has become such a common part of our daily life, that we take its existence for granted. The truth is, it was only a few short years ago that the Internet was just a strange […]