On-Site SEO Opportunities

There are many components to an SEO campaign but none are easier to control than the ones on your own site. Carefully optimizing your current pages and creating new, more keyword rich content is the “low hanging fruit” that every client and SEO should place atop the SEO priority list. The saying in search engine land is, “content is king.” So why not have the most relevant, optimized content on your site? The following elements, when properly optimized, establish a solid on-site SEO foundation.

Page Titles – Page titles are among the top ranking factors for any website as they are the first on-site element regarding the page’s focus.

Headers – Previously used to determine the size and font of the main headings on a page are now used as indicators as to what type of content will reside on a particular page and its importance.

Page Content – Search engines place high importance on page content because that is the ultimate goal of a search engine: to provide high quality, relevant and substantive content.

Internal Link Popularity – Internal link popularity determines the importance of particular page within a site based on the number of other pages that link to it and the structure of those links. This is type of strategy is often referred to as link siloing.

Landing Page Optimization – Properly structured and optimized landing pages better your chances for ranking higher organically in Search Engines. They are also great additions to any PPC campaign and can be tailored to ad groups resulting in more conversions and higher keyword quality scores.

Images – Image optimization is becoming more and more important as users change the way they search. It is not uncommon for users to shop or search for information using Google or Yahoo images thus increasing the importance of how your website images are found.

Article Optimization – When articles are uploaded to a site, they contain the same SEO opportunities as regular webpages. By implementing a more search engine friendly method of uploading articles, they will be more searchable.

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