Improve Your Mobile Search Engine Rankings with a Mobile Design

Starting April 21, Google will start using “mobile-friendliness” as a search engine ranking factor in their algorithm. For now, this will only impact searches performed on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

The goal of the update is to improve user experience with mobile search by rewarding […]

“Fix Mobile Usability Issues Found On http://www…”

Over the past few weeks we’ve received a lot of these notifications from our clients’ Webmaster Tool Accounts, in addition to emails from those same clients asking if these notifications are legit and if action should be taken. The short answers to those questions are:

yes they are legit, and
yes […]

How Google’s Keyword Changes Affect You

Last week Google announced a major change that shook most SEOs to the core: the encryption of all keyword searches. A.K.A. no more keyword data, unless they’re ad clicks.

We’ll give you a few moments to panic . . .

OK, now breathe. If I had a brown paper bag I […]

Penguin 2.0 – Pared Down

Penguin 2.0 brought on quite a few changes over the past few months that affected large, high-profile companies, small, “off-the-radar” companies, and mid-sized companies like the ones we here at Dynamics represent. Like many of the strategies we implement that are consistently proven and trustworthy, we stuck to our […]

Link Building – Make Your Site Link Worthy

How can you make your content link-worthy? Per my previous post, Link Building – Should I Do it?, you need to make sure your content has one, two or (ideally) all of the following attributes:

Well organized
Outside the box

For the sake of structure let’s hammer these out one by one:
Unique […]

Link Building – Should I Do It?

In short, yes. (we’re very direct here at Dynamics)

Links are one of the top – if not the top – ranking factor in Google. Google values inbound links (links coming to your site from an outside website) above all other factors because good links, like help, are hard to […]

Remarketing: Advertise to Visitors After They’ve Left Your Site

What is Remarketing and How Does it Work?
(Check out our most recent post on Remarketing)

Have you ever been shopping online for a product or service, visited several websites to gather information to make your purchasing decision, and then in the days and weeks that follow, as you move across […]

Meet the Dynamics Online Staff: Keith Mayer, Director of Search Engine Marketing

Hi, Keith here. I’m the director of Search Engine Optimization at Dynamics Online. If you want to improve your website’s performance on search engines, I’m the one to talk to. Here are some facts you might not know about me:

I have been with Dynamics Online since 2008.
I’m married to […]