The Most Common Mistake When Setting Up Your Remarketing Campaign

As a digital marketer, one of the most fundamental strategies in any of your campaigns is targeting. Who do you want to see the ad and ideally make a purchase or request more information? Thanks to the intelligent (and what some consider creepy) machinations of Google, ad targeting can be set to very diverse and specific […]

Remarkable Remarketing

For decades, the field of marketing saw very small changes over time. In the Internet Age, every month seems to bring a revolutionary new concept for reaching customers with effective and relevant advertisements. While it’s certainly not advisable to hedge all of your bets on the latest marketing craze, there is one online development that […]

Remarketing: Advertise to Visitors After They’ve Left Your Site

What is Remarketing and How Does it Work? (Check out our most recent post on Remarketing) Have you ever been shopping online for a product or service, visited several websites to gather information to make your purchasing decision, and then in the days and weeks that follow, as you move across the Internet, you begin […]