Google AdWords Label Update: When Less Green Is More Green


Google Updates Green Ad Labels…Again

Several months ago, I covered Google’s implementation of green ad labels within the paid search results. At the time, Google was replacing yellow labels with solid green ones. The internet speculated that the was move rooted in color psychology. The yellow ad label was more likely to make people wary, whereas the green label symbolized trust and blended with the organic search results.

Less Green Is More Green

On February 22, 2017, Google started testing updated green ad labels. There is only one subtle difference between the old and new.

Google green ad label


Industry professionals seem to agree that Google updated the ad labels to make them less noticeable. An official Google spokesperson provided Search Engine Land with the following boilerplate:

google comments

According to a Twitter poll run by Barry Schwartz, digital marketers are not buying Google’s altruistic claims.barry-schwartz-adwords-poll

The Bottom Line

I believe Google made the change to improve ad legibility, which translates to:

  • Less noticeable ad labels
  • Potentially more ad clicks
  • Increased ad revenue for Google
  • Possible increases in advertiser CTR

Time and data will tell whether this change deserves to be permanent.

Let me know what you think!

Ray Kirsch is a Google AdWords and Bing ads certified professional. Contact Ray via email to discuss your online marketing goals and prospective paid search strategies for your business.