Understanding Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – Part One

Greetings! I am delighted to be writing my first post as the newest member of the Dynamics Online team. As the Internet Marketing Strategist, my job is two-fold: 1) successfully plan, implement, and track Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising campaigns and 2) maintain email marketing campaigns for our […]

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s platform for paid search marketing (PPC). AdWords appear at the top, sides, and bottom of a search result page on Google (as well as on various other Google sites). Where the normal  Google listings are free and ranking is determined organically by the content of your […]

Create Landing Pages that Perform

When it comes to your paid search campaign, there are constantly adjustments that can be made to keywords, ads, match types, bids and ad groups to increase a campaign’s performance. However, the best element of a campaign to look at is not any of these. The most important part […]

How Google Instant May Change Paid Search Campaigns

Yesterday you may have noticed something a bit different about Google as you searched: search results just started to appear as you typed. No clicking needed! This is the latest evolution for Google’s search engine, known as Google Instant.

Google Instant auto completes search results as you type. So, if […]

Pay-Per-Click Glossary of Terms

Below is a brief glossary of terms that are commonly used with pay-per-click and search engine marketing campaigns.

Google AdWords – Google’s Paid Search Program

Keywords – The keywords selected for a pay per click campaign include targeted words and phrases that will bring qualified leads to your website based on […]