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DEBRIEF: The 2013 Beachwood B2B Show

On September 26th, the Beachwood B2B Show set up shop once again at Corporate College for a day full of networking and good eats. Being my first time at the event, I learned something that has been essential to our success as a company: even though the Internet Age can allow you to work with […]


What’s the Quality, Kenneth?

In speaking with our clients, I often hear the following: “I just Googled one of our keywords and none of our ads showed up! What is my budget going towards, anyway?” This is a perfectly reasonable question. If you’re dedicating a decent budget to Search Engine Advertising (SEA) on Google, shouldn’t your ads always show up? While […]


Online Advertising – CPC for You and Me

Cost-per-click bidding is the core of online advertising. It offers a way to set defined budgets for your ad spend and measure customer engagement in ways previously unimaginable. Leveling the Playing Field The easiest way to understand cost-per-click (CPC) bidding is to picture an auction that happens in a microsecond. On a Google search results page, […]


Remarkable Remarketing

For decades, the field of marketing saw very small changes over time. In the Internet Age, every month seems to bring a revolutionary new concept for reaching customers with effective and relevant advertisements. While it’s certainly not advisable to hedge all of your bets on the latest marketing craze, there is one online development that […]