News: Staff Additions and Promotions

After nearly 10 years serving our clients, Kirk Hiner is promoted to E-Commerce Solutions Manager. His focus is helping you to select, customize and populate the ideal e-commerce solution for your product line. We are also pleased to announce the addition of Jeremy Fleischer, who has joined us as Website Production Manager. Jeremy is a […]

News: Remember Our New Domain,

Yes, we are now sporting a slimmer domain name for use on this website and our email addresses. See our new, more friendly email addresses.

New Website Launch:

We are pleased to have orchestrated the re-launch of using a newer, full-featured e-commerce platform. The new platform offers our client considerably more merchadising and pricing options, including coupons, bundle offers, shipping deals and much more. It also supports our clinet’s network of product manufacturers who link to the site for sales of their […]

Five Tools for Competitive Analysis

By Matt Wilkinson, Internet Marketing Specialist. Live, from New York, it’s… the Search Engine Strategies 2008 Conference and Expo! OK, perhaps it’s not as exciting as Saturday Night Live, but this annual conference is where Internet Marketers go to learn about the latest news, tricks, tools and resources for search engine marketing. I attended in […]

Banner Year for Internet Display Ads

This year we have seen a resurgence of demand for our services to design animated banner ads for our clients to place on other sites that already reach their targeted audience. “I think what we’re seeing are companies that experimented pre-1999 trying it again,” said Mia Amato, online marketing consultant to romance publisher Harlequin Enterprises. […]

Local Search: Targeting Customers in Your Own Backyard

By Andrea Greene, Internet Marketing Specialist Over the last several years, buying keyword listings in the search engines has become a widely used and effective method of advertising your products and services online. For businesses with a website and a national audience, this approach makes most sense. It allows you to put your message in […]

Writing Content for your Website and the Search Engines

When we’re designing websites at Dynamics Online, the site’s content factors as much into our development strategy as does the site’s appearance. The increased popularity of Flash animation and the advent of CSS (cascading style sheets) have made it easier for designers to create attractive websites, but it’s important to also keep in mind how […]

Turning Search Engine Misses into Hits

Have you ever clicked a site listing on the search results in Google or Yahoo only to find a “404 Error – Page Not Found” message? Of course you have! How would you know if the destination site no longer exists, or if that particular web page address (URL) is no longer supported? You don’t […]

The Importance of Links

By Andrea Greene, Internet Marketing Specialist Often when considering how to raise a website’s rankings in the search engines, one crucial factor is overlooked: Links. Search engines have become flooded with websites vying for top placement and many are utilizing unconventional ways to get there. Now, the search engines rely more on page content and […]