Search Engine Marketing Opportunity: Google Instant Preview

Internet marketing is ever changing.  Major players like Google are constantly developing new tools and opportunities for businesses to utilize to better reach the right audience and be found by those that are searching for them. Taking advantage of emerging search engine marketing opportunities can make your business stand out among the competition. This week we will look at three new features Google has begun to roll out, and how you can use them to enhance your search engine marketing. First up:

Google Instant Preview

Recently, Google introduced Google Instant, redefined how their search results can be displayed to the user by auto completing search results as they type .

With Google Instant Preview, you can now view a visual preview of your search results. Next to each organic search result is a magnifying glass icon. Clicking once on the magnifying glass opens up a small preview image of the web page listed. Relevant keywords the user has searched for are highlighted in bold on the preview.

Google Instant Preview reinforces that the look of your website is just as important as the content of the site. A user can now look at your site and decide whether or not you offer what they need without even visiting your site. Having a clean, appealing website with relevant keywords has always been important in Search Engine Marketing, but now not having a well designed site may even decrease traffic to the site. If it has been a while since you have taken a close look at how your website is designed and optimized, it might be worth your while to take a second look.

Check out this video demonstrating how Google Instant Preview works: