Using Seasonal Imagery to Keep Your Website Fresh


From the moment websites first started appearing online, we’ve all understood the importance of keeping the content fresh. When visitors recognize something new, they’re more likely to stick around and see what you now have to offer. But remembering to update content can be tricky, and putting it all together takes time. A simple method many of our clients use is the rotation of home page photos with seasonal imagery and messages. It helps if the product you’re promoting rotates with the seasons already, as with two of our business-to-consumer clients: Pierre’s Ice Cream Company and East Coast Custard.

The Pierre’s website features a large splash of rotating photos that highlight new and seasonal products. For example, flavors such as Brownie Touchdown Sundae and Peppermint Stick can be rotated in during football season and the holidays, respectively. This not only helps to promote these products, but also indicates to site visitors that Pierre’s is focused on providing fun flavors that fit their current interests.

East Coast Custard uses a similar rotating slideshow on their home page, but instead to draw people into their five northeast Ohio locations. Are the kids “Back 2 School?” Reward them with some frozen custard. Hot outside? “Cool off at East Coast.” And don’t forget that “Teams in Uniform” get 10% off. In addition, a constantly updated home page calendar lets customers know what flavors are available each day of the month at their five locations.

Even if your site’s message isn’t seasonal, you can still use seasonal imagery to help convey it. Although their products remain set year round, FCSLA—a fraternal benefit society that offers life insurance and annuities to its members—refreshes its home page slider photos five times a year: spring, summer, autumn, the holidays, and winter. This helps to ensure their visitors can easily identify with the messages conveyed in the photos.

If you’d like help refreshing your site’s content ahead of the turn towards fall, we’ll be happy to work with you on some easily updatable options. Contact us today!