Five Tools for Competitive Analysis

By Matt Wilkinson, Internet Marketing Specialist.Live, from New York, it’s… the Search Engine Strategies 2008 Conference and Expo! OK, perhaps it’s not as exciting as Saturday Night Live, but this annual conference is where Internet Marketers go to learn about the latest news, tricks, tools and resources for search […]

Local Search: Targeting Customers in Your Own Backyard

By Andrea Greene, Internet Marketing SpecialistOver the last several years, buying keyword listings in the search engines has become a widely used and effective method of advertising your products and services online. For businesses with a website and a national audience, this approach makes most sense. It allows you […]

Turning Search Engine Misses into Hits

Have you ever clicked a site listing on the search results in Google or Yahoo only to find a “404 Error – Page Not Found” message? Of course you have! How would you know if the destination site no longer exists, or if that particular web page address (URL) […]

The Importance of Links

By Andrea Greene, Internet Marketing SpecialistOften when considering how to raise a website’s rankings in the search engines, one crucial factor is overlooked: Links. Search engines have become flooded with websites vying for top placement and many are utilizing unconventional ways to get there. Now, the search engines rely […]