What is Google AdWords?


AdWords is Google’s platform for paid search marketing (PPC). AdWords appear at the top, sides, and bottom of a search result page on Google (as well as on various other Google sites). Where the normal  Google listings are free and ranking is determined organically by the content of your site, AdWords customers simply pay for that visibility at the top of a Google search that the site wants to be found for:

Sample SERP

Here’s video from Google that explains how it works.

What can Dynamics Online do for you?

At Dynamics Online, we create paid search campaigns from scratch for Google, Yahoo and bing. We also help existing campaigns by consulting or by taking over the day-to-day management responsibilities. Below are some of the things we do to create and manage a proper search campaign:

  • Selecting targeted keywords that will bring qualified traffic to your site
  • Managing keyword bids to maximize your budget and optimize your ad placement
  • Creating targeted ads that will generate the highest click through rates
  • Selecting/Creating the proper landing pages that will maximize conversion rates
  • Reporting to you the success of your campaign

How do we report your success?

Dynamics Online provides all of our paid search clients with customized, detailed keyword reports on a monthly basis. Using reporting data such as click, lead and ROI tracking, we improve campaign performance, perform A/B testing, decrease cost and increase leads. We don’t simply believe in maximizing clicks, we believe in maximizing leads and sales.

Additionally, we continue to explore new marketing opportunities for Google, Facebook, and other paid search platforms as they release new features.

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Our paid search specialists are hands on when it comes to management of paid search campaigns. Management includes any changes to the campaign, reporting, landing page development, ad copy, keyword research, and A/B testing to improve performance.

If you have any questions about creating a new Google AdWords campaign, or improving an existing one, we love to help. Email Keith Mayer at keith@dynamicsus.com or simply call us at (216)-292-4410