Create Landing Pages that Perform


When it comes to your paid search campaign, there are constantly adjustments that can be made to keywords, ads, match types, bids and ad groups to increase a campaign’s performance. However, the best element of a campaign to look at is not any of these. The most important part of your PPC campaign is right on your own website: the landing page.

A landing page is the area on your website that the users who click on your PPC ad are directed to. A good landing page is one that has a singular focus that is closely aligned with the keyword and the ad that are supporting it. Google deems that the more relevant the keyword/landing page relationship, the better their quality (which can result in a lower cost per click!). Last month, Google even announced that they are giving landing page quality even more weight in AdWords campaigns.

If your PPC ads only direct users to your home page, is there a more specific page they could be directing to? Is the end goal of your campaign is to generate form conversions? If so, how clear is that conversion funnel on the landing page? If none of the pages on your website make for perfect landing pages, create a new page specifically for your PPC campaign. A strong landing page has only a few elements:

  • A singular message
  • A clear call to action, or path for the user to take
  • A paragraph or two of text. Keep it simple and to the point.
  • Setup conversion tracking to see which keywords/ads/landing pages perform better

If you are concerned that your PPC campaign needs better landing pages or a better structure, email Ray at