Penguin 2.0 – Pared Down

Penguin 2.0 brought on quite a few changes over the past few months that affected large, high-profile companies, small, “off-the-radar” companies, and mid-sized companies like the ones we here at Dynamics represent. Like many of the strategies we implement that are consistently proven and trustworthy, we stuck to our guns and didn’t jump on the […]

Online Advertising – CPC for You and Me

Cost-per-click bidding is the core of online advertising. It offers a way to set defined budgets for your ad spend and measure customer engagement in ways previously unimaginable. Leveling the Playing Field The easiest way to understand cost-per-click (CPC) bidding is to picture an auction that happens in a microsecond. On a Google search results page, […]

Remarkable Remarketing

For decades, the field of marketing saw very small changes over time. In the Internet Age, every month seems to bring a revolutionary new concept for reaching customers with effective and relevant advertisements. While it’s certainly not advisable to hedge all of your bets on the latest marketing craze, there is one online development that […]

Link Building – Make Your Site Link Worthy

How can you make your content link-worthy? Per my previous post, Link Building – Should I Do it?, you need to make sure your content has one, two or (ideally) all of the following attributes: Unique Well organized Viral Timely Resourceful Outside the box For the sake of structure let’s hammer these out one by […]

Understanding Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – Part Three

Welcome to the exciting conclusion to The Great PPC Trilogy, as it is destined to be called. To avoid spoilers, I’ll recap: Part 1 dealt with the definition of PPC Campaigns and why they’re a good idea. Part 2 dealt with how Google AdWords works and the basic structure of a campaign. In this final […]

Link Building – Should I Do It?

In short, yes. (we’re very direct here at Dynamics) Links are one of the top – if not the top – ranking factor in Google. Google values inbound links (links coming to your site from an outside website) above all other factors because good links, like help, are hard to find. Let me rephrase that: […]

What is Responsive Design? – Part One

In a nutshell, responsive design uses a single URL to display content in a viewing format that is automatically optimized to look best on the viewer’s device: laptops, tablets, mobile phones or future devices yet to be created (in layman terms: no matter the size of your viewing window, the site will adjust accordingly and […]

Understanding Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – Part Two

Hello and welcome back! If you’re not a returning reader and I’ve already alienated you by saying “welcome back,” fear not – I shall explain. As the above title indicates, this is Part 2 of a 3-part series on Understanding PPC Campaigns. I highly recommend you check out Part One before continuing here. Don’t worry, when you’re […]

Understanding Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – Part One

Greetings! I am delighted to be writing my first post as the newest member of the Dynamics Online team. As the Internet Marketing Strategist, my job is two-fold: 1) successfully plan, implement, and track Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising campaigns and 2) maintain email marketing campaigns for our wide range of clients. As you […]

Kings and Princes of the Internet

~Dramatis Personae~ SEO as: The First King Social as: A Would-Be Usurper Content as: A Lumbering Giant and Kevin Costner as: Kevin Costner I have written you a play. This play, full of drama, murder, betrayal and romance, takes place in a strange, far-off land called the Internet. This “Internet” is populated with myriad creatures […]