The Benefits of Keeping Your Message Focused


Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to visit Super Nintendo World a day before its grand opening at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles. A website and magazine for which I write—Pure Nintendo—received an invitation to the park’s media day, and no number of triple bananas, lightning bolts, or blue shells would prevent me from making the trip.

Sadly, warp pipe travel to L.A. was not offered.

After a very early wakeup, a smooth flight, and a long wait at City Walk in L.A., I found myself on a shuttle ride through the backlots of Universal Studios Hollywood to the private access to Super Nintendo World. I sat with other media members and content creators on the way, discussing with event reps why our particular sites and channels were selected to attend.

An important part of that answer was “focus.” What better way to reach Nintendo fans than through sites and channels that focus directly (in my case, purely) on Nintendo? Not, for example, on gaming in general. We had built-in readers, viewers, and listeners who would be eager to learn about the park, and who knew to turn to us for coverage.

Is your site similarly focused? Spotlighting something like Nintendo is easy for a news/review website, but it’s not always so simple when marketing your own company. Identifying and targeting your specific audience can be trickier, but it’s equally important. Which social media channels are more popular with your target demographic? What, specifically, does your company or product offer them once reached? Are you considered an authority on the subject?

Dynamics Online can help you answer all of these questions. We won’t provide Super Mushroom Soup or augmented reality rides like Super Nintendo World, but we do offer 25 years of web marketing experience to help you focus on your website’s goals.

And you won’t need to board a 7am flight to get the process started; just give us a call!