SEO Tip of the Day – Goals & Tracking

When doing SEO on your own website or with an agency, there are 2 main elements that need to be in place before you start the optimization process: goals and a method to track them.

Goals are simply what you want your site or campaign to accomplish. For ecommerce websites the goal is typically a sale or transaction. For non-ecommerce websites the goal can be a bit more tricky to define. Do you want your visitors to contact you via email, phone or website form? Your goal may be to increase subscriptions or to download a free trial.

Whatever your website goal might be, it is important you take the proper steps to track your progress and activity. It is imperative you know where your visitors are coming from, which ones completed goals and how you got them to your site. Almost as important as knowing who converted into a goal, you need to know the visitors who are not converting. This is key to increasing conversion rate and lowering your cost per conversion.

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