Benefits of URL Shortening

In this day and age size is everything. And when it comes to URLs, shorter is better. Better for Tweeting, better for SEO and better for tracking. Take a look at how smaller URLs can offer great benefits to you, your website, and your business:

SEO Benefits of URL Shortening

Let’s say you are writing an article about “discount office chairs.” Your “discount office chairs” page is URL, It is not too long but if you really wanted to focus on your main keyword, could offer you this URL, It is a short, keyword rich URL that gets straight to the point.

Tracking Benefits of URL Shortening

Creating new URLs for better tracking can be a pain and downright tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. Sites like and allow fast and easy creation of unique URLs complete with tracking installed. You can see traffic, conversations on Twitter and a history. You can also find them easily in Google Analytics.

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