Facebook Privacy: New, Simpler Privacy Controls


Over the next few days, you will begin to see some small changed coming to Facebook in the way of new, simple privacy settings.

Privacy has long been a concern of users of social networks such as Facebook, which is now the most visited site on the Internet. While users enjoy sharing personal stories, photos, videos, and other information with their friends and communities, there is always the concern of who can view that personal information and what can they do with it. Facebook does have rather extensive privacy settings that allow users to control exactly who can view what types of information they are sharing, but these settings are not easy to navigate through for the average Facebook user and change constantly without advanced notice.

To simplify the privacy process, users will soon be able to adjust many of their privacy settings directly on their profile page. Facebook’s new privacy controls includes allowing the user to control who sees the information they post on their profile on a case by case basis AS they are posting it.

So how will this work? Say I want to share a family picture with only a few of my friends. As I post the picture to my profile, before I hit the ‘Share’ button, I can decide who specifically I was to be able to view that post. Once the post is live, I can always go back and change that setting right from my profile page.

Other privacy changes coming to your Facebook profile include:

  • Adjusting the privacy settings of individual sections of the profile directly on the profile page.
  • The option to approve or reject any content that you are tagged in before the content is posted. This includes status updates, photos, and videos posted by your friends.

To learn more about these new privacy settings, email me, or visit the Official Facebook Blog.