Bruce Newburger Video on Leadership Development


Dynamics Online President Bruce Newburger discusses the leadership development that can be derived from chamber of commerce participation.

Transcript: Really to me the biggest benefit of being a member of the chamber is to participate in a committee and to work alongside people and then eventually to have a leadership role in one of the committees. And for me, it has been a great opportunity to experiment with leadership styles. That experience has carried over to running a company, which I have done for 23 years. It is different because in your business, you are here every day, and you are working on all different things that might come up, and you don’t have an opportunity to step back and say, “well, what is my leadership style?” or “what are some of the things we need to do over the long term?” With a chamber of commerce assignment in running a committee, especially for an event, you know you have to get certain things done, and it’s really a great motivator. It’s been an opportunity to develop a lot of really great skills.

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