Kings and Princes of the Internet

~Dramatis Personae~ SEO as: The First King Social as: A Would-Be Usurper Content as: A Lumbering Giant and Kevin Costner as: Kevin Costner I have written you a play. This play, full of drama, murder, betrayal and romance, takes place in a strange, far-off land called the Internet. This “Internet” is populated with myriad creatures […]

The OSU Marching Band Magnificent Marketing Analogy

I hope by now you’ve seen the Ohio State University half-time show from last Saturday’s game against Nebraska. A brilliant move on the band director’s part, the marching band played the tunes of our favorite video games, including Mario, Tetris and Pac-Man, and coupled them with amazing formations where the band morphed into images from […]

Meet the Dynamics Online Staff: Keith Mayer, Director of Search Engine Marketing

Hi, Keith here. I’m the director of Search Engine Optimization at Dynamics Online. If you want to improve your website’s performance on search engines, I’m the one to talk to. Here are some facts you might not know about me: I have been with Dynamics Online since 2008. I’m married to my beautiful wife Kristy. […]

SEO Tip of the Day – Goals & Tracking

When doing SEO on your own website or with an agency, there are 2 main elements that need to be in place before you start the optimization process: goals and a method to track them. Goals are simply what you want your site or campaign to accomplish. For ecommerce websites the goal is typically a […]

SEO Tip of the Day

Don’t cannibalize your keywords. Keyword Cannibalization is actually more common than you think and it usually happens by accident. Cannibalization occurs when multiple pages are optimized for the same keyword. This causes those pages to compete with each other for search engine rank. To avoid this, optimize one page for one keyword. This will yield […]

Top 10 Tips to make your site rank better in search engines

Improve Search Engine Rankings: Top 10 Tips Recap of Top 5 Tips: 1. Optimize Images 2. Optimize Videos 3. Optimize Press Releases 4. Optimize your Blog 5. Optimize your Social Media 6. Submit Your Site to Local Business Listings – These are the group of links that appear next to the image of a map when […]