The Benefits of Adding a Blog to Your Website

Much has been written about the fun and adventure of writing your own standalone blog. But mostly we are involved in adding blogs to existing websites. In that case, we make the blog appear to be integrated into the site so that the posts appear as pages on that site (as you see now, if you are reading this entry on our site, Some of the advantages of an integrated blog are:

  • It allows a non-technical person to add fresh content to an otherwise static website.
  • It gives website visitors the impression that the site is timely and well maintained.
  • Blog posts get indexed in search engines and show up in search results. That brings visitors to your site.
  • It further conveys your visual branding.
  • Allowing comments gives you a chance to collect feedback on your content. You can choose to publish or not publish these comments. Comments also become searchable content.
  • Blog posts can be positioned in other social networking outlets, such as on your LinkedIn profile (see mine, very easy to add, but you must be connected to me in order to see it), your Twitter account (see ours), or on other pages of your site (see our home page).

Our recent implementations of integrated blogs have used WordPress, a very powerful tool for blogging and content management. See a recent installation here. Please contact us if you are interested in having a blog added to your existing site.