From the Archives: Bruce Newburger on ‘Computer Chronicles’

We recently came across a blast from our past in the form of a 1990 episode of the long running television program ‘Computer Chronicles.’ See if you can spot a familiar face:

Yep, that’s our own Bruce Newburger in his pre-Dynamics Online days. We asked Bruce to recount his experience on the show:

“I appeared on Computer Chronicles TV show in 1990 on an episode about object-oriented programming. That was a popular buzzword that was used to describe a new breed of programming languages that encourage the encapsulation of program functionality so it could be easily reused without reprogramming. I understand that over time, this methodology was adopted into mainstream programming, but the languages that pioneered it did not survive.

I was representing my employer at the time, The Whitewater Group, and demonstrated our programming language called Actor. In 1987, I was the third employee, and worked there until 1992, when the company was sold to Symantec. At various times, I managed the sales, support, training and documentation departments. I travelled throughout the US and to Europe and Australia to meet our distributors, demonstrate our products and run week-long training courses to professional programmers. It was a great introduction to technology product marketing!”

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