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Sample Content Marketing Timeline for Small Business – Month Two

If you read last month’s article, we laid out the first month’s worth of activities to jumpstart a content marketing campaign – this is especially handy if you’re a small business owner with little time to spend outside of your normal work activities. We’ve done much of the up-front planning so you don’t have to, […]

Sample Content Marketing Timeline for Small Business – Month One

If you’re a small business or non-profit organization, chances are you’re working with a limited budget. In addition, you have little time to dedicate to activities outside your normal realm of operations, which likely doesn’t include content marketing – even though you wish it could. If this sounds like your situation, this article is right […]

Now We Can’t Get Healthcare Without a Website?

By now you have certainly heard how a balky website (healthcare.gov) is keeping uninsured Americans from their health insurance coverage. It’s interesting how, in a few short years, we have come to expect that a website visit is the only way to learn about a product or service and make a purchase. (For the record, […]

When to Use a Database in Website Development

The website development landscape has changed a bit since I last tackled this issue. Many websites are now built on content management systems like WordPress that do technically store all page content in a database. This differs from a traditionally “static” website where the page content resides in individual HTML files. Although content-managed sites store […]

Mission Accomplished, Nintendo

On a normal day, I’m not the one to be discussing social marketing here at Dynamics Online. But while at E3 2013 in Los Angeles back in June, I came across one of my favorite uses of social media yet. Nintendo used the show to promote the wide array of games coming to their Wii […]

The “Decline” of Content Marketing

Content marketing has been my M.O. since I was 19, before I knew it was called content marketing. I’d become disillusioned with college after my freshman year when I realized what a hoax a college education has become, and started a personal blog to launch vengeful tirades against the institution, sticking it regularly to the […]