How do I squeeze the most SEO out of my page titles? The short answer is to make them concise, user friendly and keyword rich. The most common question is, “How long can my page titles be?” Page titles should be no more than 72 characters long including spaces. Now that doesn’t leave much room for the wordsmiths out there but a newer strategy that has been gaining popularity is to leave off the company name at the end of each title. It seems like a major branding boo boo but if you include it in the meta description your branding efforts will not suffer.

Making page titles user friendly is not so black and white. Because page titles appear in browser bars, browser tabs, and in a search engine results pages when people perform a search, they need to be short yet descriptive. Page titles need to capture users attention and let them know what is on the ensuing page.

How do I make them keyword rich? Each page title should target no more than 2 keywords. By placing your most important keyword at the front and the secondary keyword near the end, you will yield the best results. Avoid Keyword Stuffing!

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