New Responsive Website Launch – MicroMD


Dynamics Online is pleased to announce the launch of one of our latest responsive websites, MicroMD!

micromd-homepage1 features a dynamic, responsive design that automatically adjusts itself to fit the width of your browser. Whether you’re on your iPhone, Android, desktop computer or tablet, the site will adjust to fit your viewing pane without losing any of its integrity and maintaining its navigability and ease-of-use.

Depending on the size of your browser, certain elements of a site that’s designed responsively will shift around to fit within your window, even as you manually adjust the browser size on your desktop computer. You’ll see navigation elements stack to the point where they become their own drop-down menu and elements within the body copy rearrange themselves.

This is ideal from a company’s standpoint, as it means less money spent on passing trends in mobile technology and more consolidation of the overall marketing efforts. More money is spent up-front to obtain a responsive design, but it means much less in maintenance costs down the road. Mobile design can now much more easily coincide with the broader marketing plan.

Dynamics Online, a regional leader in web design and internet marketing, has the full-service capabilities to launch a full responsive website design or a redesign, depending on your needs.

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