kirk-anthonyNovember has long been one of my favorite months. I like the cold, I like football and hockey, and I like having a moustache.

Yeah, I’m that guy. The problem is that my wife prefers a full beard, so that’s what I have for 11 months out of the year. In November, however, I get to participate in Movember, an official global charity that raises funds and awareness to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. They do this by having men grow moustaches. Not beards, not goatees…moustaches.

By rule, participants have to begin the month with a clean shaven face, then grow and groom only a moustache through November 30th. Participants are encouraged to photograph themselves throughout the month to post to Facebook, Instagram and such, and solicit donations for their efforts. It’s quite fun to track online, and it certainly has sparked some interesting conversations on my Facebook account.

That’s the really great thing about the moustache; it almost forces you to talk about the charity. I never have just a moustache, so when friends and family see me in person or on social media sites throughout November, it becomes a conversation, giving me the opportunity to discuss the charity without seeming like I’m making a donation solicitation.

This year, fellow employee Anthony Mahramus—one of the Bearded Men of Dynamics Online—has joined me in the fight. Here’s how we’re beginning the month, as cleanly shaved as the day we were born.

By the end of November, we will have grown into men in full mustachioed glory.

If you’d like to donate to me or Anthony, you can do so via our MoSpace pages:

Kirk –

Anthony –

Better yet, it’s not too late to become a Mo Bro. Visit to set up your account and get started on your ‘stache.


Kirk ImageKirk Hiner is the E-Commerce Solutions Manager at Dynamics Online.
You can reach him by calling (216) 292-4410.