Meet the Dynamics Online Staff: Kirk Hiner, E-Commerce Solutions Manager

Kirk Hiner, E-commerce Solutions Manager

Kirk Hiner, E-commerce Solutions Manager

I’m Kirk Hiner, and I’m currently e-commerce solutions manager at Dynamics Online. I say “currently,” because my title has changed a few times since I started with the company in January of 1999. As web technology grows and the needs of our customers change, we grow and change with them. As such, if you’re ready to expand to online sales, I’m the fellow with whom you’ll be working (although you’re also likely to hear from me if your needs include web video/audio formatting, hosting, or just general site construction and maintenance).

When I’m not sitting at my desk at Dynamics Online, I’m likely to found at my desk at home working on articles for (an Apple-centric news/review/feature site for which I’m editor-in-chief, managing a staff of over 15 writers worldwide), or writing my next novel or play. My wife, Tieraney, and three kids–Sophie (7), Sam (5) and Max (0.1)–keep me quite busy, as well.

Amidst all of this work, I have managed to get some other things done and have some fun. For example:

  • Although I’ve lived in Ohio most of my life, I spent five years in New York City after graduating college, living most of it right off of Times Square on 44th and Broadway.
  • I earned by B.S. from Ohio Northern University, where I co-founded, wrote for, directed and acted in the comedy troupe “…just because.”
  • I published the novel “Mowin’ the Heavenly Lawn” (look me up at Amazon).
  • My play “Spoon Millionaires” premiered at Lima Play Fair in 2006. I’ve since learned that plays with a cast of 11 tend to be frowned upon if they don’t involve singing or cats dancing.
  • I enthusiastically support the Seattle Seahawks (I’m a member of and manage the website for and Minnesota Wild (that’s a hockey team, for those of you in the Cleveland area). As Browns and Indians fans understand, not all of us support the teams we do for need of championships.
  • I’m such a huge fan of Queen that when Freddie Mercury died I received sympathy cards.

That’s probably enough. If you have any questions about web technologies or strategies, you can reach me at or on LinkedIn. I’m also always happy to talk about sword fighting skeletons or giant flying turtle movies, but I’ve found the demographic for such conversations to be quite small (and kind of weird).