Hosted Shopping Cart Solutions from Dynamics Online

Photo Credit: Fosforix via Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Fosforix via Creative Commons

Hosted shopping cart systems have made wonderful advances over the past few years. Originally somewhat rigid in design and restricted in capabilities, they now offer much more control over the design and functionality they provide. The recently announced shut-down of ProStores and Magento Go—coming February 1st, 2015—is a good indication of how online shopping systems are out-with-the-old, and of how Dynamics Online is in-with-the-new.

Upon receiving notification that ProStores is shutting down, we quickly reached out to our clients to see what they liked and didn’t like about the popular eCommerce service. We then worked with them to find solutions that best fit their specific needs, and are now moving to three different hosted shopping cart systems: Bigcommerce, Shopify and Volusion.

Each hosted solution has its own strengths, either built into the basic system or through third-party apps or modules: strengths such as support for complex tax rules, ease of product updates, mobile friendliness, etc. We’ve been able to match those strengths with each client’s needs, and will start rolling out our new online stores in each of these e-commerce systems in early January after the holiday frenzy subsides. A good example is Vegan Eats, which will now be in a system that better fits their branding and showcases their products.

If you have a ProStores or Magento Go online shopping system that needs to be migrated by February 1st, 2015—or would like to make the initial move into online sales—feel free to reach out to us for assistance as you seek the best fit for your hosted shopping cart solution.

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