Search Advertising Manager Ray Kirsch works with clients to help them reach their target audiences on the web on social media platforms.



What are a few of your favorite campaigns that have been successful for our clients?


We helped a client obtain many qualified leads using a dual approach of digital advertising and search engine optimization. Within the Google Ads program, I was able to reduce the cost-per-lead by almost 130%, while increasing total conversions by over 730% over the last two years. This was made possible by focusing on the right audience and providing the best possible experience.



What is a memorable addition or innovation in your work in the last few years?

The latest addition would be a “dynamic content” WordPress plugin. It allows us to modify page content when specific rules are met. This is a great addition for clients who offer a wide range of services and want to maintain relevance without drowning in many landing pages.



What are some of your interests outside of work?

I play the drums, and enjoy finding new pursuits. The latest is paper cut art, which is within my skill level, and can be done without waking my 10-month-old son!