Digital Marketing Manager Mary Farrell works with clients to help businesses be seen, drive engagement, and sell more online.

What makes your position at Dynamics Online interesting?

The variety of clients, business and organizations that we work with. One minute I’ll be helping a world-class manufacturer of equipment used in the oil industry, next, a nationally successful vegan food entrepreneur, and then a talented cosmetic dentist in town. Always something new!

What is your favorite part of creating a marketing campaign for a client?

I enjoy problem-solving business challenges and using a variety of digital marketing techniques to produce success. I love to see monthly statements with great stats — large number of impressions, high click-through rates, and feedback from the client that the leads coming through are right on target.

What community causes are you are interested in?

I’m partial to environmental issues. Locally, I am an advocate of reducing pesticides and chemicals on lawns and public land. Nationally, I support the Arbor Day initiative in planting trees.

Why did you choose to work at Dynamics Online?  

A lot of marketing companies have a process for all of their clients that come with a set package of features and deliverables not set up for customization. I appreciate that Dynamics Online takes a different approach. Each client is different with unique history, ideas, and goals. The team works with everyone/every business on an individual basis to customize our service to the need. I am all about that.