What the Marketplace Fairness Act Means to Your E-Commerce Store

At the moment, it doesn’t mean anything. And maybe won’t at all, even if it passes the House (it passed the Senate on May 6th). That’s because one key provision of the Bill will exempt many online retailers.
A Simple Matter of Simplification
If you have an online store, you already know you […]

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selling Online

Setting up an e-commerce store to sell your products online may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. As with most elements of web design, the myriad e-commerce solutions can be set up to handle any volume of orders with as much automation as you […]

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Flash is Dead

In August of this year, Adobe officially disabled new installs of Flash on Android devices, completing a shut-down process they announced back in November of 2011. By doing so, Adobe has effectively cut off Flash functionality on mobile devices.
The Future of Web Browsing

This shouldn’t come as any surprise, as Apple never […]

Meet the Dynamics Online Staff: Kirk Hiner, E-Commerce Solutions Manager

I’m Kirk Hiner, and I’m currently e-commerce solutions manager at Dynamics Online. I say “currently,” because my title has changed a few times since I started with the company in January of 1999. As web technology grows and the needs of our customers change, we grow and change with […]

Browser Compatibility & Operating System Market Share Are Important to Web Design

Browser compatibility continues to be something we consider every time we put up a new design or make edits to a website. Thankfully, this isn’t as big an issue as it was a few years ago, thanks in part to browsers supporting the same fundamental technologies and to web […]

Formatting Navigation Menus for Mobile Browsers

Formatting websites for mobile browsers continues to be an important part of web development, and it only gets trickier as technology advances. With the advent and rising popularity of touch screen devices, mobile web development isn’t just about formatting a website so it’s easy to read on a small […]

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Writing Content for your Website and the Search Engines

When we’re designing websites at Dynamics Online, the site’s content factors as much into our development strategy as does the site’s appearance. The increased popularity of Flash animation and the advent of CSS (cascading style sheets) have made it easier for designers to create attractive websites, but it’s important […]